Our Story

The idea for the Solar Shed first came to founder Nharyan Feldmann’s mind after a particularly long, hot day staring at a backyard shed baking in the Northern NSW sun.

It is fair to say he saw the light, on the shed.

Conscious of the growing popularity of electric bikes and battery-operated tools and lawn equipment, Nharyan imagined a unit that served both as a storage facility and powering station in one. Something to capture all that renewable solar energy and turn the hot tin shed into an off-grid, store and charge hotspot.

Nharyan Feldmann | OWNER

A prototype soon followed, combining integrated solar technology with a functional, lockable storage space. Four years later, Nharyan and his neighbours continue to enjoy faultless and truly renewable charging for the lawn mower, leaf blower, whipper snipper and more.

Today Nharyan is now proudly part of Energylab, a renewable energy accelerator program, who along with Artesian VC, have provided seed funding and guidance to take Solar Sheds to the rest of the world.

The Solar Sheds team can’t wait to provide customers with an amazing Australian made product to house, charge and store their electronic gear. If you would like to be part of The Solar Shed journey, please get in touch.

Power to the (shed) people!
The Solar Shed Team.

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The Solar Shed™ is available 2021.
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