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    This Is One Amazing Shed

    Power up, off the grid, out the back.

    Designed to power and store the new generation of battery powered tools and appliances, The Solar Shed is a revolutionary new concept in backyard storage.

    Our stand-alone sheds are specifically designed to charge the items you use and store outside your house including tools, powered gardening equipment, e-bikes and more.

    Say hello to the Power of Sunshine.

    Innovation in your very own backyard

    Sold as easy to assemble flat pack kits, the designs feature inbuilt solar panels across an attractive skillion roof, an inverter, regulator and scalable battery options.

    Hard-wired with a user-friendly internal design with multiple power outlets, it is just a case of put away, plug-in and charge-up.

    The Solar Shed does the thinking for you.

    No need to figure out what to add or install, just assemble the shed and away you go!

    Word on the street

    “Fantastic concept. Living off the grid or not this will be so convenient and cost efficient.”
    Allison – Hawaii, USA

    “It is an excellent product every household should own one.”
    Melissa – Melbourne, Australia

    “Looks great! Love the idea of using recycled material.”
    Ilona – Aspendale, Australia

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    The Solar Shed: Storing and saving power for people and the planet. We have you covered with three fresh designs, perfect for any space!




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    The Solar Shed™ is available 2021.
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